Women's Suffrage Mini Lesson

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  • Women's Suffrage Mini Lesson
  • Women's Suffrage Mini Lesson
  • Women's Suffrage Mini Lesson


Students read background information about suffrage and women's fight to get the right to vote, culminating in the 19th Amendment. There are 9 opinion based questions scattered through the paragraphs that students can answer individually or in pairs. The 10th question is a small activity for students to research the road to the vote in a selection of countries other than America. Websites are provided for students to watch a 60 second video and read an article on the NWP, NAWSA, and African American women's fight for suffrage. A creative task is included for students to complete after reading the article and watching the video.  

Sample questions include:
--With half its citizens being denied the vote, could America be legitimately considered a democracy? Why or why not?
--What do you think were some arguments AGAINST women getting the right to vote?
--This is just a sample of outside influences leading towards the passage of the 19th Amendment. Which do you think was MOST influential, why? Think of something else that would have helped push America towards granting women a political voice. What is that something else and why do you think it helped the suffrage movement?

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