Blood and Iron Primary Source Analysis

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  • Blood and Iron Primary Source Analysis
  • Blood and Iron Primary Source Analysis


Students will read and analyze Bismarck's Blood and Iron speech leading to the unification of Germany by answering 20 questions, two of which refer to images. The answers are included where appropriate and this would be great for a sub! 

Sample questions include:
--Explain what a “superfluous standing army” would look like and how it would impact a country. Why might some not have supported it?
--Does Bismarck see it as a positive or a drawback to be “too well-educated” and why?
--Summarize the duty members of parliament have.
--Rewrite the 5th paragraph in your own words to demonstrate understanding.
--Explain the “mistake” of 1848 and 1849 in your own words.
--Does Bismarck support liberalism, why or why not? Cite evidence from the text to support your answer.
--Could this speech be interpreted as a turning point in German history, why or why not?

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