Focus on Grammar Bell Work and Bell Ringers - Part 6 Remote Ready Resource

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ELA in Middle School
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Homeschool, 6-9
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Bell Ringers, Bell Work, Grammar, Vocabulary Building
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PDF, Editable PPT
131 Plus Teacher Notes and Terms
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Yes, 3 pages
  • Focus on Grammar Bell Work and Bell Ringers - Part 6 Remote Ready Resource
  • Focus on Grammar Bell Work and Bell Ringers - Part 6 Remote Ready Resource
  • Focus on Grammar Bell Work and Bell Ringers - Part 6 Remote Ready Resource
  • Focus on Grammar Bell Work and Bell Ringers - Part 6 Remote Ready Resource


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Grammar Bell Work: Sentence diagraming. Identifying parts of speech. Noun functions. The power of punctuation. Vocabulary building. We feel that this collection of grammar-focused bell work will serve you and your student-scholars, whether you are teaching 5th grade, or 8th grade. These assignments are presented in both PowerPoint presentation (editable to a degree) and PDF (non-editable) versions for those teachers and schools or districts without projector capabilities.

In this installment, student-scholars are challenged with appositives and the dependent clauses – noun, adjective and adverb. In addition, they will receive another 72 powerful words to add to their growing vocabulary.

I believe that grammar is the foundation for all reading and writing, and that a strong foundational knowledge of how words function as parts of speech is essential in taking an emergent reader or writer to a scholar with superior skills in these areas. I also believe that we have a tendency to look at the standards and assume that our students come to us with the knowledge that the standards say they should have, and that that knowledge will be intact. No blame game here. When a student enters a grade, at any level, without the full foundation necessary, then there will be gaps in essential knowledge and skills, regardless of who their prior teacher was – myself included.

By 5th grade, I feel that students should have a working knowledge of the principle parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. I also hope that they have begun learning about the functions of these parts of speech, and can identify subjects, direct and indirect objects, and transitive and intransitive verbs. However, I have been teaching long enough to know that I must not take anything for granted! So, this set will begin with identifying the basic parts of speech, and moving forward from there.

You should find that the use of sentence stems, full sentences, and simple, easy to follow instructions provide differentiation for your SPED and EL populations. I do encourage seating arrangements that allow for peer support as well. Slides are editable, so if you feel that your scholars are not ready for the sentences provided, you can change them, or remove animations if you need to.


63 Slide PowerPoint presentation with 15 slides of teacher notes for implementation

51 Page PDF of the presentation for printing in the event you do not have projection capabilities.

11 Page PDF of answer keys for sentence diagrams.

6 Page PDF for our Frayer Model Vocabulary Foldable Sextant

Please let us know how well this assessment served you and your students. You can email us at, or contact us through our blog, Wandering the Halls of Academia – Teaching and Living Today! Also, please leave meaningful feedback and reviews for this product so that other teachers can make informed choices about their purchase decisions. Your opinion carries WEIGHT!

Best wishes and thank you,

Matthew and Suzanne

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