Manifest Destiny DBQ

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  • Manifest Destiny DBQ
  • Manifest Destiny DBQ
  • Manifest Destiny DBQ


Students analyze 17 documents, answer 17 historical context questions, complete a sorting chart, and write a DBQ essay to review Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny (and the accompanying sectionalism vs nationalism, Texas Annexation, Mexican-American War, etc). There are 12 essay prompts for students to choose from (one allows for the class or teacher to make one of their own). The answers are included where appropriate and the initial analysis part would be great for a sub! ***Some of the sourcing is generalized so that students have to place it in the historical context/event themselves.***

Sample questions include:
--Summarize the events and beliefs that led to the differences in the United States’ land holdings and borders from from 1820 through 1850.
--Per Emerson’s quote and the historical context, why would someone be going to California?
--Does Document 8 support or oppose westward expansion and why?
--Would Winthrop have supported 54’40 or fight, why or why not? 
--How did Sullivan affect America’s national identity per Document 16?

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