Nervous System Unit Exam

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  • Nervous System Unit Exam
  • Nervous System Unit Exam
  • Nervous System Unit Exam
  • Nervous System Unit Exam
  • Nervous System Unit Exam


This listing features a four-page exam about the nervous system for Human Anatomy and Physiology. It features five different sections.
  • Multiple choice (Seventeen questions)
  • Short answer section on hemispheric dominance
  • Fill-in-the-blank section, where students describe what happens when nerve impulses reach the axon terminal. I provided a word bank.
  • Complete the missing information in four tables - divisions of the nervous system, functions of the nervous system, action potential, and nerve cells summary. I included word banks as an optional accommodation.
  • Matching section that features the disorders of the nervous system
I provided a four-page key with the answers in colored font. This PDF document will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader program. You can then change the title and point valuation and use it as a summative study guide instead.
This resource complements the following activities about the nervous system in my store:
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