Physical Science Pre- and Post-Course Test

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  • Physical Science Pre- and Post-Course Test
  • Physical Science Pre- and Post-Course Test
  • Physical Science Pre- and Post-Course Test


This physical science pre- and post-course test serves as a comprehensive check for understanding at both ends of the school year. I proctor it in my middle school physical science class. High school physical science teachers might be able to use this resource too depending on the academic level of rigor of their class. Twenty-five multiple choice questions are packed into a full-page document, which is nice for teachers conscientious of the number of copies they make.
Topics covered include: force, momentum, velocity, acceleration, power, friction, acid – base properties, solutions (Solubility – solvent, solute relationships), simple machines, mechanical advantage, significant figures, standard to scientific notation conversion, phase changes, classification of energy, subscript versus coefficients, factors that affect the rate of reaction, Periodic symbol analysis, balancing chemical reactions, Bernoullis' Principle among others, matching units of measurement like kilojoules and pascals with what they measure, valence electrons, metric conversions, and chemical bond classification.
This PDF document will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader program. It includes a two-page key with the answers in red font.
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I began launching my curriculum through Amped Up Learning in 2019. I have over twenty years of teaching and curriculum writing experience as the department head. I joined Amped Up Learning with eighteen years of publishing experience through several international science supply corporations.
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