The Dust Bowl & Great Depression | VIDEO & LESSON

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  • The Dust Bowl Lesson
  • Life in the Great Depression lesson
  • The Dust Bowl & Great Depression | VIDEO & LESSON
  • The Dust Bowl & Great Depression | VIDEO & LESSON
  • The Dust Bowl & Great Depression | VIDEO & LESSON


All these resources go with and build off this video on the Dust Bowl & Great Depression.

This is the second episode and lesson that focuses on the causes and effects of the Dust Bowl on America and the people who lived through it. The episode also teaches the effects of the Great Depression and Hoover's handling of it to put the Dust Bowl in the larger context of the time.

The resources that go with it include an interactive notesheet that gets students to make predictions, analyze a photograph, define terms, and complete a cause and effect chart. Then the extension lesson is an exploration of several primary sources- a song, a letter, and powerful photographs. After answer scaffolded questions, students put it all together to write a letter to a loved one as if they lived through the Dust Bowl and migrated to California. The sources and letter will make HISTORY COME ALIVE for your students! And there are answer keys for everything.

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