Passover and the Seder Plate

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  • Passover and the Seder Plate
  • Passover and the Seder Plate
  • Passover and the Seder Plate


What is Passover and a Seder Plate?

Passover is an annual festival celebrated by Jewish people every year around Easter time. During the feast, families celebrate how God brought the people out of Egypt and released them from slavery. The people eat a special meal called Seder (pronounced say-der) to celebrate this freedom. 

Students will identify the elements on the Seder plate and match up foods on the Seder plate after reading a brief description about why Passover is celebrated and after learning about what each element of the Seder plate means.


The first page of this handout describes Passover and describes how the elements of a Seder plate relate to the story of Passover. The second page has pictures of the elements that the kids cut out and glue to the appropriate matching spot on the plate.


  • Shank Bone – represents sacrifices made by the Jewish people
  • Lettuce – bitter herb to represent the pain of the slaves 
  • Bitter Herbs – represents the pain of the Jewish people being enslaved in Egypt 
  • Charoset – a sweet salad made of apples, grapes, and nuts that represents the mortar that holds bricks together. (In Egypt, the slaves were forced to make many bricks.)
  • Parsley – dipped in salt water and represents the tears of the slaves in Egypt 
  • Hard Boiled Egg – represents new life and the Spring season


Today we recognize that Jesus’ blood on the cross was shed for us, and because of that death passes over us, just like death passed over the Israelites when they spread the blood of the lamb above their doorframes. We have eternal life when we accept Jesus’ sacrifice for us. That is why Jesus is called the sacrificial lamb. This is a great lesson for Passover or Easter or anytime! It is geared for elementary aged school students.


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