The Space Race Point of View Analysis

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  • The Space Race Point of View Analysis
  • The Space Race Point of View Analysis


Students will read and analyze two points of view on the Space Race (President Kennedy in 1961 and Carl Dreher in 1962) by answering 32 questions and completing a creative task. The answers are included where appropriate and this would be great for a sub! Sample questions include:

--How could Kennedy say it wasn’t a “defensive” role?
--In what way can freedom be secured?
--Write a contextually appropriate synonym, or definition, for “marshaled.”
--Rewrite the second to last paragraph in your own words to demonstrate understanding.
--Explain Dreher’s observation on national self-respect. 
--In what way(s) was NASA not quite exuding confidence to many opponents of the race?
--Why might he have used the term “conquered” regarding the moon?
--Which of President Kennedy's points does Dreher most effectively counter and why?
--If you could re-title each excerpt what would you choose and why?

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