Complete Cursive Handwriting Course

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  • Complete Cursive Handwriting Course
  • Complete Cursive Handwriting Course
  • Complete Cursive Handwriting Course
  • Complete Cursive Handwriting Course


In this complete cursive handwriting course your students will be guided to learn how to write neat and beautiful cursive, with no prep for you - just print and teach! Over 124 pages.

The course begins with an introduction, which will teach the proper mechanics of sitting, holding a pencil, stabilizing your paper, and correct posture. Students will learn the four stars to super writing - slant, size, shape, and spacing. They will be introduced to the specific strokes that make up cursive handwriting. There are guided practice worksheets and worksheets for additional independent practice.

After the introduction, students move on to the lowercase letters. The letters are taught in a specific order so that it makes sense. Each lowercase letter is taught with a guided practice worksheet and an independent worksheet. The guided practice worksheets also include an important vocabulary word that starts with the letter the students are learning that day, along with a colored photo of the vocabulary word. Throughout the teaching of the lowercase letters there are three review lessons with six additional practice worksheets. These review worksheets also reinforce other important concepts like nouns, making lists, and idioms. Each of the 26 independent worksheets includes letters and words for the students to trace first and then try writing on their own.

Then students move on to the capital letters. There are 26 guided practice worksheets. Each capital letter is taught as a proper noun with a colored photo that goes along with the proper noun. Most are places around the world. Some examples are Africa, Peru, Rome, the Nile River, and Washington D.C. There are also 26 independent practice worksheets for additional reinforcement. They include letters and words for students to trace first and then try to write independently. Throughout the teaching of the capital letters, there are six review worksheets that that also help reinforce or introduce other learning concepts like writing invitations, facts and opinions, alphabetizing, and writing titles while they are practicing their cursive handwriting. 

There are two final reviews - a guided practice and an independent practice worksheet where the students can demonstrate all that they learned throughout the course.

This course packs a lot of learning in, but it is done in a simple, quick way with a variety of activities and interesting and colorful pictures and graphics so students will remain interested. Concepts are reviewed so students can learn with confidence.

Continue the art of cursive handwriting!

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