Palm Sunday, The Triumphal Entry | Sunday School Lesson

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  • Palm Sunday, The Triumphal Entry | Sunday School Lesson
  • Palm Sunday, The Triumphal Entry | Sunday School Lesson


Palm Sunday, The Triumphal Entry | Sunday School Lesson
A complete Sunday School lesson perfect for teaching your elementary-aged kids about Palm Sunday, and Jesus' last ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

As the crowds waved palm branches, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem, fully aware of what awaited Him in a few days (death on a cross). He told the people in Luke 19:42 that if they failed to worship Him, "even the very stones would cry out.” 

In the first part of this Palm Sunday school lesson, kids are invited to listen to a video where they discover how stars, aka space rocks, make noise and cry out to God (just like Jesus said!).

Kids will then read various Bible verses surrounding the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday and examine what Jesus' purpose on Earth was. (He came to save us from sin and make it possible for us to go to Heaven by taking the punishment for our sins.)

Full Lesson Includes:

  • Complete Palm Sunday Lesson
    • Object: Nothing can stop God's plan to defeat sin.
  • Prayer
    • Thank God that He is the creator of all things and is worthy of worship.
  • Discussion Points
    • Discover how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and fulfilled prophecy. Nothing could stop God's plan to conquer sin.
  • Bible Readings
    • John 12:12-13, Luke 19:37-42, and John 12:27-33
  • Game
    • Create a silly Easter story by filling in the parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, and adverbs) into blank sentences. 
  • Craft
    • Paint rocks with palm leaves.

This is the perfect lesson to do with your kids on Palm Sunday as they prepare their hearts for Easter.

Please note that this download includes the Easter Game | Sharing the Good News About Jesus as part of the Sunday School lesson.

Enjoy teaching about Palm Sunday and Happy Easter!

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